Year 1&2

Slight change to the lunchtime menu

The lunchtime staff had noticed a lot of waste when Battered Fish was on the menu so we have carried out a little survey in school over the last few weeks and decided to change the menu slightly. The change only affects Week one. on Friday the option will be MSC Salmon or White Fish fingers not MSC Battered fish.

Two more slight changes – we will be serving rice, not noodles, on Thursday of week one and Pasta Bolognese in place of Spaghetti Bolognese on Thursday of week three. Please see the menu below – click the image to download a larger .pdf version.

Click to view a larger .pdf version



A Very Special Ceremony

Year 1/2 attended a very special ceremony at St Lawrence’s church last week… a wedding! We had a bride and groom, parents, bridesmaids and ushers and a best man!! Tinfoil rings were exchanged and the register signed!

Congratulations to our bride and groom!!!