Year 1&2

Great Fires of London

Key stage 1 children loved their great fires of London topic!! It seemed a shame to set fire to the houses they had constructed out of cardboard and straw and then painted!! But we did!!! (Click to enlarge the pictures)

We watched from a safe distance as the fire started in the bakery and took hold very quickly!! Within minutes they were burned to the ground!! Not like the days it took in 1666!!  Super hands on learning!!

KS1 learn about Holi

Key Stage 1 learnt about Holi the Hindu festival of colour! They experimented with powder paint but refrained from throwing it at the teachers!

We discovered that Hindus remember how good triumphed over evil and the importance of the bonfire! A fantastic hands on session!!

Learning about Shabbat

Key stage one have been learning about the Jewish festival of Shabbat.  Rachael Reeves came in to school to talk to us about what happens during this very special meal which marks the beginning of the Sabbath, for Jewish families.

We learnt that at the start of the meal on a Friday evening, Rachael  lights the Shabbat candle and recites a prayer. The family drinks wine or grape juice from silver goblets and say special blessings. They also eat special bread called Challah bread. Rachael baked some especially for us. It was delicious!  We learnt that Shabbat is a time to talk and celebrate with family, and to catch up on news.


On Thursday 13th December Ben Rich and Rachael Reeves (parents of Aaron in Year 5) came into school to explore the Jewish festival of Chanukah with Key Stage One.

The children learnt the story of Chanukah, the symbolism of lighting candles and even got to eat donuts!

Thank you Ben and Rachael for coming to see us!

The Book Fair is coming!

Classes will be able to browse the shelves and buy books in the lower hall from 3:15 to 3:45.  To avoid it getting too crowded please can we ask that classes come on the following days:

EYU ~ Wednesday 15th November

KS1 ~ Thursday 16th November

Year 3/4 ~ Friday 17th November

Year 5/6 ~ Monday 20th November