PSHE & RSE@Fishergate

What is PSHE?

PSHE is Personal, Social and Health and Economic Education, and it is at the heart of our curriculum at Fishergate. Our children develop an understanding of themselves, of their feelings and of how to express these. They have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and interests, and become confident and proud of their efforts, as well as having the resilience to deal with those times when things don’t work out as they expected.

At Fishergate, we teach children how to form and maintain caring friendships, and respectful relationships. They learn to understand different points of view and celebrate the ways in which we are different; visitors often comment on how supportive our children are of each other. We also aim for our pupils to develop an understanding of citizenship: they understand we have a responsibility to contribute positively to the community we live in, and have many opportunities to do this, for example by planting bulbs in our local cemetery, or by running their own club. Both our School Council and Sports Council provide an early opportunity for pupils to engage in the democratic process by helping to elect class representatives.

Scheme of Work

Click here to see the long term planning for all subjects, including PSHE and RSE.

PSHE is threaded through every subject, and is also taught in discrete lessons, for example in ‘circle time’ sessions. Our RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) curriculum also forms an important part of PSHE. You can find our full RSE Policy on the School Policies page.