Year 1&2

Magical Maths

In Maths we are excited about numbers.  We are learning addition and subtraction strategies, doubling and halving, number bonds and next week we will begin looking at positional language.

WW1 Topic

In Key Stage 1 we are learning about WW1.  We have enjoyed an exciting trip to the Castle Museum and have been on a historical adventure around our school.

If you have any WW1 family stories or objects you would like to bring into school – we would love to have a look at them.

Miss Trunchbull

In Key Stage One our favourite author is Roald Dahl. We have loved reading Matilda so much that we are basing our literacy topic on it! We will be reading passages and looking at clips of Miss Trunchbull. We are glad Mr. Herbert…

Y1/2 – Our Summer Term Topic

This half term our topic is NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.   Do you know what nocturnal means? Can you name any nocturnal animals? To find out more about nocturnal animals log in to Espresso where you can watch some exciting clips. Please…