History News

Great Fires of London

Key stage 1 children loved their great fires of London topic!! It seemed a shame to set fire to the houses they had constructed out of cardboard and straw and then painted!! But we did!!! (Click to enlarge the pictures)

We watched from a safe distance as the fire started in the bakery and took hold very quickly!! Within minutes they were burned to the ground!! Not like the days it took in 1666!!  Super hands on learning!!

Greek democracy

As part of their Ancient Greeks Topic, and with links to the General Election last week, Year 5 and 6 have been discussing the development of democracy in Ancient Greece. We have had class votes on four different types of…

Remembrance Day 2015 Y3/4 Visit to York Cemetery

Our Y3/4 children were invited to the cemetery on Remembrance Day to lay special poppy crosses on the war graves. We had a very peaceful afternoon, with some real reflection, thinking about the people who had given their lives in battles since the First World War.

The children also observed a two minute silence at the War memorial at the cemetery and two children were chosen to lay a special poppy wreath in memory of the fallen soldiers. We feel very privileged to have been asked again to take place in this very important day by York Cemetery.

Year 5/6 learning about WW1

In Yr 5/6, during their WW1 topic, the pupils learnt about the ingredients that would have been available then. After they planned their own recipes they had fun cooking and tasting them!

Important skills such as peeling and cutting carefully and safely were taught.

WW1 Topic

In Key Stage 1 we are learning about WW1.  We have enjoyed an exciting trip to the Castle Museum and have been on a historical adventure around our school.

If you have any WW1 family stories or objects you would like to bring into school – we would love to have a look at them.