Fishergate’s Online Learning Offer

Online learning is now well underway and we have copied the relevant part of our Home Learning Policy to remind you of what you can expect:

  • Daily lessons (Maths, English and topic) will be posted on Google Classroom by 9am. A weekly timetable – detailing simple learning objectives for each lesson will also be shared with parents/carers. Maths and English will be timetabled for the morning and foundation subjects for the afternoon.
  • Teachers will be available for live video calls through Google Meets at 9am for KS1, 9.15am for Y3/4 and 9.30am for Y5/6 to accommodate children who are having to share a device. They will be on Google Meets again from 1pm. The first session will be no more than fifteen minutes and its purpose is to welcome the children and set them off for the day. The 1pm session will be longer (approximately forty minutes if required) to allow the children enough time to ask any questions they may have arisen during the morning. If at all possible please ensure that you child logs into their Google account, visits their online classroom, and follows the link in order to join the Google meet. This daily contact is a really useful way for teachers to communicate the learning for the day. Teachers will also respond to emailed comments and work through Google Classroom during the school day.
  • Teachers will ensure that they chunk any video clips into five minute sections and that they vary the format and delivery of teaching and learning tasks to maintain child engagement. Each five minute chunk will end with a very quick recap of the task that the child is expected to complete.
  • Lessons may be adapted for lower attaining pupils and they may be directed to more appropriate Oak Academy resources.
  • As the work will build up skills and knowledge from day-to-day, each lesson will be numbered so that it is easy for children, parents and carers to follow them in the correct order.
  • Class teachers will use Google Meets to continue to read the class story – the frequency of this may vary from phase to phase.
  • In Early Years, a document with an overview of the week’s learning will be available on Google Classrooms. A scheduled video will go live on google classrooms at 9am each day to introduce the daily phonics, a maths challenge linked to the number of the week and a reminder of the weekly learning through play challenges. This will be recorded to allow those children who cannot log on at 9am to access it.  Additionally throughout the week, story time videos read by all members of the Early Years team will be released on Google Classrooms. Members of the Early Years team will be available to contact through Google Classrooms as well as
  • Tina Clarke will post a whole school assembly by 9am on a Friday.
  • When appropriate pupils on the SEND register will be provided with individualised learning packs and any children with SEMH needs will be supported by the adult who runs their ELSA sessions. They will be sent paper resources, as well as being supported with 1:1 Google Meet sessions.
  • Teachers will keep track of task completion and the parents of any child who is not engaging with their learning will be contacted so that they can be offered additional support – whether it be to sort out an issue with the technology or to re-engage a reluctant child.

Please click here for more information, links and resources to support online learning.