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The Book Fair is coming back!

2016-11-08-16-41-44The Book Fair is coming! You have probably already seen the posters around school, advertising the Book Fair which opens next Wednesday 16th November. 2016-11-08-16-41-51

To ensure the Book Fair doesn’t get too crowded, each phase has been allocated a day:

  • EYFS – Wednesday 16th
  • KS1 – Thursday 17th
  • KS2 – Friday 18th
  • Everyone – Monday 21st

The Fair runs from 3.15-3.45 in the lower hall. Come and have a look! You might find some great Christmas presents!

Y5/6 Celebrating Writing 17-11-15


Jessie_001 Maya_001
“The big fish was right to eat the little fish” by Maya and “Stealing is sometimes justified” by Jessie.
Persuasive arguments by Jessie and Maya based on Jon Klassen’s ‘This is not my hat’, which the whole school has been reading this week.
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Sentence Types in Literacy

At Fishergate School, we use a series of codes for a range of sentence types. The children all understand and use these codes as a quick way of referring to the sentence types which are explained in the document below. Have a look at the clips demonstrating how to write each of them.

Sentence Types at Fishergate School