Sports Premium

IMG_0336Sports Premium is government funding which was introduced in 2013/14. This funding was ring-fenced with the purpose of improving the provision of sport and Physical EducationIMG_0310 within primary schools, and was subsequently extended.  Details of the ways in which it has been used at Fishergate School, together with an assessment of the impact of this funding over the time, can be found in the documents below.


Sport Premium Funding Review and Analysis 2016/17 

In 2013/14, the Government launched its Sports Premium funding intitiative in order to help schools improve their PE and increase the sporting opportunities they offer pupils. This money is allocated to schools as a lump sum of £7535 and an additional £5 per pupil. Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, with the aim of increasing participation levels, improving the quality of provision and providing opportunities for competition. From 2017/18, this funding will double, until the year 2020.

At Fishergate Primary School, our vision is to raise the aspirations of all pupils regardless of athletic talent, physical and mental abilities or disabilities and encouraging them to acquire motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities in order to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development and that it will also provide the children with the necessary skills of good sportsmanship, to strive for excellence and not to be discouraged if they do not win; equipping them with the appropriate responses in order to deal with winning or losing, thus facilitating valuable lessons for their future.

At the start of the academic year in September 2016, an action plan was developed to set out the objectives for the forthcoming year. The key aims of this action plan were to:-

  • To promote the quality and provision of the PE curriculum by increasing the availability and access to PE equipment.
  • To promote the quality and provision of the PE curriculum by increasing knowledge and expertise of staff.
  • To provide pupils with opportunities for competition at all levels.
  • To increase opportunities for participation within extra-curricular clubs.

The following information aims to assess the success and impact of these objectives, and outline the next steps for the development of PE at Fishergate Primary School.

The level of funding for Fishergate Primary School for 2016/17 was £8950.

The money was used to support the following initiatives.

Aims and Actions Money Spent on Impact/Outcome Next step
To promote the quality and provision of the PE curriculum by increasing the availability and access to PE equipment.

Equipment audit

More resources available for extended extra-curricular activities programme.

More resources available for play leader activities programme.

Replace damaged equipment.

A large part of the SP funding was saved for the future building of an outdoor all weather facility on school field.

Play leader equipment – storage boxes, skipping ropes, all weather balls, beanbags


Tennis rackets and balls


Change4Life club


Athletics equipment – weighted javelins


Replacement of basketball net and backboard

Yr 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 PE leaders were trained to use PE equipment, including setting out equipment before and after playtimes, to organise games and develop basic coaching skills.

Replacement of storage units was completed.

Equipment audit completed and replacement bought for damages.

Setting up of a school PE council to help MSAs manage play leaders and equipment.

Use CPD training to make all staff aware of equipment available and various uses for it.

School Sports Council to undertake ‘pupil voice’ questionnaires to choose after school clubs and purchase resources for extra-curricluar clubs.

Purchase of new play leader bibs.

Container cupboard keys replaced for staff.

New playground containers to improve access for Play Leaders

To promote the quality and provision of the PE curriculum by increasing knowledge and expertise of staff.

CPD upskilling of staff through in-school training within staff meetings.

Observation of sports specialists brought into school alongside staff (Yorkshire County Cricket Club).

Buddying lessons with PE leader

Subscription to Local Authority Sports Membership


‘Chance to Shine’ subscription with Yorkshire CCC.

A staff audit during September 2013 identified areas in which staff felt they needed support, which was updated in 2015 and will be again in 2017.

Analysis of staff audits led to delivery of Tennis CPD in Spring 2017.

Team teaching with PE co-ordinator and observations by PE co-ordinator of staff (GE) in Gymnastics.

Updated staff audit of CPD requirements to consider new staff and remaining areas of development.

Staff training in identified areas from audit.

NGB courses.

Work with supply staff.

Ensure staff are assessing PE correctly and use SP funding to deliver intervention groups.

To provide continued opportunity within sporting competitions.

Provide opportunities for Intra and Inter school competition.

Intra school competition KS1 & KS2 after each unit of work.

Purchase of trophies & medals.

Opportunity for higher level competition through sports partnership.

Attendance of events &training.

Small Schools Tournaments for B and C teams.

Results posted & recorded on website.

Change format of sports day to provide opportunities for family and parental involvement.

Supply for PE-cordinator to arrange and deliver house competition.


Supply for PE-cordinator to arrange and deliver KS1 and KS2 Sports Days.


Transport for Gymnastics team to attend North Yorkshire Games.

Within inter-school competition, the school achieved great success, winning the York cluster finals in Gymnastics. The Fishergate Gymnastics teams then represented the area of York within the North Yorkshire Youth Games. The netball team and athletics teams also won their cluster events, before losing out in the city finals.

The Yr 5/6 football team competed in York Schools football league.

The school achieved the Gold Mark from the Sainsburys’ Games and the Silver Mark from the Youth Sport Trust for the standard of provision in PE.

To maintain achievement of the Gold Mark from both the Youth Sports Trust and Sainburys through attendance at Partnership events and provision of extra-curricular opportunities.

To refresh the house competition in school. With increased numbers, the house competition will need to move from 4 to 6 teams. School sports council to suggest names for new house teams.

To improve the quality and enrichment within the PE curriculum.

Create 2 year long term plan for coverage

Link curriculum to special ‘enrichment ‘ days such as Olympic Maths.

Purchase of athletics equipment for ‘Sport Relief’. A new two-year long term plan (2015-17) was created to link with both competitions and delivery by teachers and PE specialist. This allowed CPD to focus on areas of PE which will be delivered by teachers, not by PE specialist. This coverage allowed main sports to be covered each year, whilst allowing opportunities to experience a wider range of sports at other times.

Enrichment days for the Maths Olympics (KS1).


Update PE board in line with new house competition.

Update website in line with house comps and funding info.

To work in conjunction with Mrs Dibden to provide opportunities for focus on mental health and well-being (eg Yoga taster sessions).

To arrange opportunities for members of staff to attend training outside of school.

To increase opportunities for participation within extra-curricular clubs.

Use ‘pupil choice’ from audits of children to create extra-curricular clubs map.

Make children aware of local club links through use of PE board.

Improve opportunities for specific groups to increase participation, such as SEN, FSM and pupils targeted as having ‘inactive lifestyles’.

Increase range of ‘free’ clubs in school to allow opportunity for all pupils to attend.

Target pupil premium children to ensure they participate in at least one sports club throughout the year.

Sports Premium funding was used to subsidise places at paying clubs. Children completed audits at the start of the year to outline clubs they would like to attend within school These audits were then used to plan extra-curricular timetables throughout the year, in conjunction with partnership competitions and seasonal availability.

Club provision ensured that there was at least one club available for each child in school every night of the week.

Specialist sports providers were used to run a ‘Change4Life’ club in which children who had not previously attended sports clubs were targeted to encourage participation.

The PE board outlined pathways for children to attend out of school clubs to progress their learning.

Use SP funding to train volunteer parents to deliver clubs and purchase equipment.

It was found to be difficult encouraging inactive children to attend C4L club due to various reasons (pick-up arrangements, lack of choice and resistance to traditional games). Next year will look to develop family club with games, team building exercises and choice.


Download 2016-17 Sports Premium Analysis as a .pdf

Download 2015-16 Sports Premium Analysis as a .pdf

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