Science News

Super Science at half term

Fishergate students are such keen scientists – even outside of school they love to extend their learning!  If you carry out some exciting scientific enquiries at home, at the weekend or in the school holidays, you can ask Mrs Ekers if you can share your discoveries here on our website.

This pupil learned to use two different sorts of pipette to carefully and accurately measure liquids when they carried out a chemistry experiment at the Centre for Life in Newcastle – and made a rainbow!  The “universal indicator” shows how acid or alkali a solution is by changing colour.

EYFS in the Forest

The children love taking their learning outside, whatever the weather! Look at all these happy, confident and engaged children directing their own learning. The forest helps us learn so much about the world and our local environment!

Experimenting with circuits

Some children in early years were experimenting with circuits this week.

They showed great teamwork, concentration and problem solving whilst learning about the different parts and functions of a simple circuit.

Science Update

  A huge thank you must be said for ‘Friends of Fishergate,’ for funding our Science Day run by Abbie and Frankie from ‘Love Science’. The whole school was involved in quick paced ‘wow’ science workshops throughout the day from…

Wiggly Worms!

Forest school today provided a rich learning experience for one boy.  A worm was discovered, carefully picked up and cared for, for most of our morning outside.

A slug was found too! Endless open ended play outdoors!! Perfect!!

Forest School Fun

This week, some children made human scales to see who was heaviest

others focused their attention on creating a scarecrow to keep the birds away from our mud mountains.

Children in Early Years love taking their learning into the forest.  This week, some children made human scales to see who was heaviest, whilst others focused their attention on creating a scarecrow to keep the birds away from our mud mountains.

Science at Fishergate allows us to…..

Our new science principles

At Fishergate, we really value the teaching and learning of science. Last term, all the staff and the pupils worked together to decide what made science good in our school and came up with six child friendly principles which we would like to share with you!


Lunar photography

One of our y5/6 pupils took this amazing photograph of the moon with their mum’s camera phone and the kind assistance (and very impressive telescope!) of one of the yorkastro members at the Stargazing Live Party earlier this month. You can click to enlarge the picture – what details can you spot?

Disclosing the Tooth!

The wonderful Bev, who is a dental nurse, came into talk with us about keeping our teeth healthy.

We had to prove to her that we had been listening, by brushing our teeth then using a disclosing tablet to show any areas of hidden plaque. Keep up with the regular two minutes of brushing!

In school and at home, we have had fun using eggshells (representing the enamel of our teeth) to set up various investigations.

Now we know what damage acid does to our teeth and it’s disgusting so make sure that fluoride toothpaste is used well to coat all the teeth.