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Science at Fishergate allows us to…..

Our new science principles

At Fishergate, we really value the teaching and learning of science. Last term, all the staff and the pupils worked together to decide what made science good in our school and came up with six child friendly principles which we would like to share with you!


Lunar photography

One of our y5/6 pupils took this amazing photograph of the moon with their mum’s camera phone and the kind assistance (and very impressive telescope!) of one of the yorkastro members at the Stargazing Live Party earlier this month. You can click to enlarge the picture – what details can you spot?

Disclosing the Tooth!

The wonderful Bev, who is a dental nurse, came into talk with us about keeping our teeth healthy.

We had to prove to her that we had been listening, by brushing our teeth then using a disclosing tablet to show any areas of hidden plaque. Keep up with the regular two minutes of brushing!

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In school and at home, we have had fun using eggshells (representing the enamel of our teeth) to set up various investigations.

Now we know what damage acid does to our teeth and it’s disgusting so make sure that fluoride toothpaste is used well to coat all the teeth.

Roots in Action

Living in York, each year the city is affected by flooding. We simulated the effect of trees’ roots to reduce flooding. We had so much fun making our models. Watch our video!


Weeds welcome!

We have been learning about plants and where better to start than in our extended classroom – on the allotment. Who thought weeding could be so much fun, when you are on a root hunt!

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Back in the classroom, we took a closer look at our specimens using microscopes and magnifying glasses. The microscopes were tricky to use at first until we realised that the root being examined had to be very fine to show up under the lens.

Fossil Fun in 3/4

In Yr 3/4 as part of our Rocks unit of work, we made our very own fossils.  We wore goggles and gloves while we mixed the Plaster of Paris, for safety.

We were finally ready to see if our fossil making was a success.  We were really impressed by the results!

Bridge Building

Year 3/4 and Yr 5/6 were involved in the fantastic team building Bridge STEM challenge this term. The aim was to build a bridge using Jenga sized pieces of wood, that had the widest gap in the middle.

Yr 3/4 managed a whopping 35cm! Best so far! Dare you take on the challenge?