RE News

A visit to St Lawrence’s Church

On Thursday 29th June Y1/2 visited St. Lawrence’s church in York as part of our RE unit of work ‘What makes some places sacred?’

We learnt about why going to church is important to Christians. We found out about what Christians do in church such as reading the bible, singing songs and saying prayers. In some churches the leader wears special clothes too – some of us even got to try them on! Thank you Rev Jane for making our visit such a lot of fun!

A visit to Y5/6 from Christian Aid

On Wednesday 5th April, Y5/6 had  a visitor from Christian Aid to talk to them about the work of this charity. This was to tie in with their R.E. unit, where they have been exploring the question from the City of York  Syllabus  ‘Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?’

We learnt about how Christian Aid has  a vision to end poverty, and works with partner agencies all over the world to tackle issues such as the problems of climate change, and the  refugee crisis.

Year 1/2 learning about Islam

Feb 2017

Year 1 and 2 have been learning about what a Muslim is, and what they believe. We have been learning about how Muslims pray, and about their Holy Book, the Qur’an.

Revised R.E. Syllabus for the City of York

Since September 2016 we have been following the City of York Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2016-2021, which requires that all pupils learn from Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism as a minimum.  To help our School Governors understand what this means for pupils here at Fishergate, Mrs Spain gave a presentation in the Governor’s Meeting last week.  You can take a look at this below.

Click here to download as a .pdf

A wedding in Year 1/2

We have had in wedding in Y1/2!  Rev Jane Natrass came in to school to enable  a role play wedding to help us understand what happens a Christian wedding.

Singing for Peace

onedayonechoir This week we all joined together to sing for peace all around the world on International Peace Day! The whole school, including staff and parents came together to sing the song ‘One Candle’, a powerful song which promotes the message of peace for everyone around the world. We all had a few moments of quiet to think about how the world would be a better place if we all got on together and were kind to each other. We even sang in Latin! Dona nobis pacem – Grant us peace.

logo-odocOne Day One Choir is a global choral initiative, started in 2014, which has been created to mobilise the inspiring and harmonious power of singing together to unite people globally to sing for peace on International Peace Day, September the 21st.