Forest School

Great Fires of London

Key stage 1 children loved their great fires of London topic!! It seemed a shame to set fire to the houses they had constructed out of cardboard and straw and then painted!! But we did!!! (Click to enlarge the pictures)

We watched from a safe distance as the fire started in the bakery and took hold very quickly!! Within minutes they were burned to the ground!! Not like the days it took in 1666!!  Super hands on learning!!

Planting Crocus Bulbs in the Cemetery

Early Years went on a walk to the cemetery to help Clive, one of the volunteers, plant crocus bulbs.

The children had lots of fun making holes, plating the bulbs and getting a bit messy. Clive also took the children on a walk around the forest area of the cemetery and taught them all about the different trees and leaves.

Mud Day

For those of you that didn’t know…it was international mud day on Friday!

Early Years had a superb time making mud prints, mud paintings, mud faces and generally just getting very muddy in our forest school.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Early Years enjoyed a teddy bears picnic last Friday at forest school. They all brought in their teddy bears from home and made jam sandwiches and played lots of fun games. They read the instructions they had written earlier in the week.

Year 5/6 Forest Schools

Year 5 and 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their Forest School experiences this term. We have made frames with our knot-tying techniques, built our own dens (and tested them in wet conditions) and have now started work on a new project…

Wiggly Worms!

Forest school today provided a rich learning experience for one boy.  A worm was discovered, carefully picked up and cared for, for most of our morning outside.

A slug was found too! Endless open ended play outdoors!! Perfect!!