Who will help my child?

As a staff, we provide each child with the means to fulfil their potential and enjoy their learning.  We audit our skills annually and identify any areas for improvement so we can organise training tailored to our learning community.

The class teachers are responsible for their progress and are always happy to discuss any issues, concerns or achievements you may want to share and discuss.  We are also extremely fortunate to have highly experienced and qualified teaching assistants.

As a teacher, I feel well supported by the whole staff to be able to meet the needs of children with a wide variety of difficulties. We are quick to respond to any concerns and flexible in our approach to each individual child. Parental involvement and communication helps us to understand how we can fully support each child.

Our teaching assistants are dedicated to specific areas of Special Educational Needs  and Disabilities ranging from dyslexia, ASC, social emotional difficulties and Speech and language needs.

All classes have teaching assistants working with them every morning.  Ann Cole is our highly experienced SEND teaching assistant who works with children in small groups and individually each afternoon. We also have three ELSA trained teaching assistant supporting social and emotional needs, an ELKLAN and an Early Talk Boost teaching assistant working with children needing speech and language support.  Our teaching assistants play an invaluable role in supporting our learners with additional needs by building a supportive relationship based on trust and mutual respect whilst fostering independence.  They have many years experience working with SEND children and a wealth of resources that can be borrowed.  .

Specialists who work with the school:

  • Educational Psychologist – Cathy Arden
  • School Nurse – Jodie Farquarson
  • Behaviour Support Teacher – Petra Henman
  • Well-being worker – Louise Huggins
  • Speech & Language therapist – Sophie Stamford
  • ASD support teacher – Carolyn Roberts
  •  Education Welfare and attendance – Mark Smith
  • Hearing needs teachers – Shelley Vermeijden and Rosie Hitchen
  • Visual needs teacher – Peter Bowles
  • Physical needs teacher – Emma Sharpe

Further information on what is available within the City of York can be found in the York Offer on the CYC website.

Fishergate is a school where the staff, pupils and parents know each other very well. This helps a lot with the children who need more support-it means they can be flexible and respond to the needs of individual children.Clare, mum of a boy in Year 5