What happens if my child has Special Educational Needs?

What_HappensIf your child is having difficulties in a particular area of the curriculum we firstly discuss this with you and develop a plan to work collaboratively to support your child in overcoming these difficulties. If your child continues to  have difficulties they will be identified as having special educational needs.  With your permission they will be placed on the school’s SEND register.  Each child on the register is unique and his/her needs are considered individually.

The class teacher, with the help of the Inclusion leader will meet to determine a small number of short-term outcomes that the child is working towards and shows what arrangements we have made in school to help support him/her. They will use guidance from the Local authority to determine what Band of support your child fits within.  You and your child will also contribute to these discussions. Your child can be removed from the SEND register once their progress has improved and is sustained.

I also feel really reassured by my children’s attitudes about school – a worry I always have is that my children may feel different and isolated because of their additional needs but this has not been the case-they have good friendships and the other children are incredibly accepting of any differences that my boys may have. Sara, Fishergate parent