Modern Foreign Languages Vision/Curriculum Intent

At Fishergate Primary School, we teach French throughout Key Stage Two. We know that learning languages is a way in to understanding and appreciating other cultures. Our pupils are encouraged to be curious about the world around them and enjoy being able to express themselves in another language. We want them to be equipped to live and work in other countries, with a skill set they can transfer to different languages.

We are proud to have so many languages spoken by our families, and make the most of opportunities for bilingual and multilingual children to share their expertise. Through our Global Fortnight, classes are introduced to the language as well as the culture of the country studied; teachers often choose a country represented within the class, tapping into first-hand knowledge in the local community.

Learning a foreign language also develops pupils’ understanding of the etymology of words, enabling them to make links across languages and apply this to their spelling. The children are taught to question and investigate the origin of words and are familiar with some Latin, Greek, Norman and Anglo-Saxon roots, among others.

Above all, in all our MFL teaching, we seek to foster a fascination about other languages, while giving pupils the tools to communicate effectively in French.