School Development Plan and Priorities


PRIORITY 1 – Raising Achievement

PRIORITY 2 – Learning, Teaching & Assessment

To ensure that the children who arrive in EYU with limited speech and language skills can begin to close the gap with their peers.

To raise writing standards in KS1 ensuring that the % of pupils who attain the expected standard is above national.

To ensure that a higher proportion of lower attaining readers can make faster progress and leave Fishergate ‘secondary ready’.

To raise attainment levels in maths by improving reasoning skills through school.

To close the gap between boys and girls in reading and writing attainment.

To raise the profile of science; systematically evaluating and developing all aspects of science teaching and learning. To use science as a tool in our drive to more actively engage all pupils in their own learning and achievement.

To continue to develop inspirational teaching; enabling children to be active learners who make their own decisions and work with less teacher direction.

To ensure that feedback and marking is consistent, motivational, meaningful and manageable, leading to good progress and high standards throughout school.

To ensure that the new assessment and tracking system is a powerful tool that is used to further raise standards and leads to accelerated progress.

PRIORITY 3 – Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

PRIORITY 4 – Leadership & Management

To further enhance the inclusive nature of Fishergate by building links with the Melbourne Centre, engaging with the Archbishop’s Citizenship award and expanding the role of the school council and Champions for Change.

To ensure that pupil premium strategies offer good value for money and are closing the gaps between vulnerable groups and their peers.

To meet an increasing numbers of learners’ needs by enhancing our Curriculum through the use of Forest Schools and outdoor learning.

To further develop the role of middle leaders; ensuring that they are able to lead their subject with aspirational vision and that they can demonstrate real impact on teaching and learning.

To ensure that all new members of staff are assimilated into the Fishergate community and given the necessary support to enable them to flourish; ensuring that every phase team is strong and effective.

To ensure that Fishergate maintains its unique character, ethos and core values and that any future partnership or collaborative working arrangement enhances the learning experiences of all adults and children and has the support of the vast majority of the school community.