School Development Plan and Priorities

Raising Achievement

  • To improve writing; closing the gap between writing and reading and maths data and ensuring that a higher proportion of children exceed end of year expectations.
  • To ensure that the significant number of pupils in Y1 with speech and language delay close the gap with their peers.
  • Develop stronger links with parents, ensuring parents know where their children are and what their next steps in learning and providing them with the skills and knowledge to be able to support their children at home.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

  • Develop key skills of resilience, creativity, problem solving and the ability to work collaboratively; all with increasing independence. Develop children’s understanding of the need for effort and hard work in order to be successful.
  • To ensure that pupils know how to use talk to help them problem solve, think more creatively and help others to deepen their thinking and further their understanding.
  • Develop high quality teaching that truly engages and stimulates all children to maximise their progress and attainment and fully prepare them for their next steps.
  • Ensure that the new assessment system is a powerful tool that is used to further raise standards and leads to accelerated progress.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • Share our achievements with the local community and show pride in belonging to Fishergate school. Encourage children to play a full part in the life of the local community and develop their understanding of what it means to be a citizen in this part of York.
  • Ensure that the social and emotional aspects of learning play a key part in the curriculum, underpinning every aspect of learning and ensuring that all pupils are able to make the maximum progress that they are capable of.
  • To ensure that vulnerable groups of children (PP/EAL/SEN etc.) make at least expected progress and that any gaps can be seen to be closing over time.

Leadership and Management

  • To ensure that the change of HT and DHT has a positive impact on the school and that it continues to be a place where staff and children are nurtured and flourish and that levels of parental confidence and community opinion about Fishergate remain high.
  • To further develop the skills of the SLT and middle leaders, ensuring that their phase or subject leadership is having a positive impact on standards of learning and teaching, rates of progress, engagement and enjoyment in their Key Stage or subject.