School Council

Introducing the School Council homepage; the homepage that allows everyone to see what great things are going on in the School Council.

During the year, the nine elected students from each class have many core aims, some of which are; we support many charities; make sure that during the six and a half hours that the students stay in school are safe, enjoyable and adventurous;  most importantly, give the students and teachers a voice. To ensure maximum co-operation, fairness and ability, we have students from year one to six all contained in this council- that as an advisor can be brilliant for me, and inspiring for other young students.

Miss Deverall- the fantastic member of staff who has been supporting the council for so long- has given a chance for students to represent their class and improve people’s confidence in speaking out in public. Yes, we achieve great things together- we means all and come on, that motto was not for nothing!

Kiri Shaw

Advisor of School Council 2017-18

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