The School Day

The Start of the Day

  • The school gates are usually opened at 8:30.  Please make sure your child is appropriately supervised until the start of the school day.
  • The Early Years Unit opens its doors to full-time Reception children and part-timers who attend in the morning at 8:30.  Please make sure that your child is present by 8:45 so that we can get on with all our exciting learning!
  • From Monday to Thursday, parents and carers are welcome to accompany their children into the Year 1/2 classrooms from 8:40 to help them to settle, see what they have been learning and perhaps share a book for a few minutes before school starts at 8:45.  On Fridays, due to a staff meeting before school, the KS1 classrooms normally open at 8:45.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 line up in the playground when a member of staff blows the whistle at 8:45.  

Early Years (part-timers)

There are two sessions for part-time children.  The morning sessions runs from 8:30am-11:30am and the afternoon session runs from 12:15pm-3:15pm.  At the end of the day we usually open our doors a little early so parents and carers can come in and collect their children.

Early Years (full-time children)

Parents and carers of full time Reception children can bring their child to the Early Years classroom between 8:30am and 8:45am.  The children go for their lunch at 11:45 and after lunch they can play with their friends on the main playground until the afternoon session starts at 1:00pm.  The session finishes at 3:15pm and we generally open the doors a little early to facilitate parents and carers collecting their children in a calm, orderly way.

Key Stage One

From Monday to Thursday, staff are usually in the Year 1/2 classrooms from 8:35 to welcome parents and carers bringing their children then the morning’s lessons start at 8:45.  Morning play is from 10:30am -10:45am and the Year 1 and 2 children have their lunch break from 12 noon to 1:00pm.  There is an afternoon playtime for KS1 only from 2:00pm to 2:15pm and the school day ends at 3:15pm when parents and carers collect their child from the classrooms.

Key Stage Two

Children in Years 3-6 line up in the playground when the whistle blows at 8:45 before being sent in to their classroom.  There is a 15 minutes morning playtime, with Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 going out at different times to ensure that everyone has plenty of space to play, and the Key Stage 2 children have their lunch break from 12 noon to 1:15.  The school day finishes at 3:15 when teachers supervise the children leaving and parents and carers collect their child from the playground.