Curriculum Overview

Long Term Planning and Curriculum Overviews

Key Principles for our Curriculum at Fishergate Primary School

Our curriculum:

  • Widens horizons, encourages an appetite for learning, contributes to the enjoyment by the children of a fulfilling childhood and prepares them for full and responsible lives.
  • Fosters spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual and physical development
  • Is broad, balanced, and relevant. The delivery is well matched to the needs and interests of the
  • Ensures deep learning and mastery of concepts
  • Provides continuity and progression through the school years and between key stages
  • Provides a stable, supportive and rich learning environment both in school and in the wider community
  • Ensures that children learn effectively and efficiently through well planned and creative experiences
  • Delivers frequent hands-on enrichment experiences
  • Is enhanced by our city centre location, offering a wealth of first-hand experiences
  • Provides equal opportunities for all pupils, recognising the worth of different abilities, skills and talents of individuals and groups of pupils
  • Develops a growth mind-set in which no ceiling is set on pupil potential
  • Takes careful account of the special educational needs of all children and will ensure the pupils with disabilities have full access to all aspects of the curriculum
  • Fosters self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and an active celebration of the beliefs and opinions of others
  • Develops a partnership between the family, school and the community
  • Seeks to develop links with industry, commerce and the community to enrich the curriculum

More Information about the National Curriculum


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