Maths Resources

Fishergate School Visual Calculation Policy

Check out the methods your child will be using at different phases through school:

Fishergate Primary SoN Basic VCP Final (1)

Fishergate’s ‘Rapid Recall Facts’

Have a look to see the key recall objectives that will be worked on each half term in each phase of school:

Recall Facts

Fishergate School Maths Policy:

Maths Policy 2017

Woodlands Maths

There are lots of fun, interactive Maths games on here, helpfully categorised by topic.


A fantastic site where children can work through activities linked to topics set by their teacher in order to gain access to lots of fun, interactive games. They can earn points to win awards and even play live against children all around the world! At the moment, only some children at Fishergate have an account as a trial but we are hoping to increase the number in the future.

BBC Skillwise

A fantastic website from the BBC which is aimed at bringing you up to speed with all the key kills that students need to succeed at maths today. Thankfully the website manages to avoid being patronising, and instead offers clear practical help on aiding your child. Very good indeed!


I can’t speak highly enough of this website. I know that doing a maths puzzle may not seem like the best way to spend 20 minutes, but if your child can do a few puzzles a week off this site, it’ll do them a lot more good than reading over the textbook again and again ever will. These puzzles teach children how to think and solve problems for themselves, which are essential skills for success at maths and all subjects. Each puzzle comes complete with a worked answer and details of the thought processes involved. Oh, and another brilliant thing about this site is that if you or your child does have a specific maths question, you can visit the Ask Nrich section, submit it, and either a student or one of the brainy people at Cambridge University will help you answer it!

ICT Games

Some really, really good games here. And all free!

BBC BiteSize

This site has traditionally been aimed at KS3/4 pupils but there is lots of useful stuff there, especially for upper KS2. It is a really good site which has been improved a lot over the last couple of years. There are plenty of notes, examples, interactive solutions, and questions for pupils to have a go themselves.