Vulnerable Children & Children of Key Workers

  • Following the half term holiday, the provision for our keyworker and vulnerable children will return to Fishergate school.
  • From the beginning of the Easter holidays and from thereon, Fishergate, Naburn and St Oswald’s Primary schools amalgamated to ensure there were enough staff to provide care.
  • During the Easter holidays childcare was provided at St Oswald’s Primary school for one week and the second week was held at Fishergate Primary School.
  • Following this, childcare was delivered entirely from St. Oswald’s Primary School and Fishergate School closed for a deep clean.
  • Fishergate children continued throughout to be cared for by their own teachers and teaching assistants and were separate from children from St Oswalds.
  • This was to ensure continued support from familiar staff to maintain attachments, reducing risk of infection by minimising exposure to increasingly large groups of children.

To support the above, Fishergate Primary School will, when communicating with parents/carers and carers, confirm emergency contact numbers are correct and ask for any additional emergency contact numbers where they are available.

Click here for the government guidance on temporary school closures including information about childcare provision for vulnerable children and the children of workers critical to the Covid-19 response.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for being so understanding of our need to limit the number of children who we can give emergency childcare places to.  Thanks go as well to those of you for whom school really is the only safe place that you can leave your child – the fact that you are trying to rearrange shifts and use us as little as possible is very much appreciated.

Click here to read the full government advice on social distancing in education and childcare settings.

This asks parents to: