Year 5&6 Weekly Learning

Weekly Learning in Y5/6

Y5/6 Weekly Learning 17.12.18

This week in English, we will be doing some fun Christmas English activities. The children will be tested on their bookmark spellings.

In maths we are carrying on with our Christmas project, looking at area and perimeter.  Please also continue to learn times tables and do mathletics.

There will be no homework over the Christmas holidays.

Y5/6 Weekly Learning 19.11.18

In English this week, we are looking at Viking myths. We will then be writing our own Viking myths.
In spellings we will be learning how to spell ough words.

In Maths, we will be carryig out assessments on what we have done so far. This is nothing for the children to worry about, but is to inform us on what we need to go over at a later date.

Please ensure your child also does their homework and mathletics.